Careca and Oscar as VARs,

Featuring Careca and Oscar as VARs, Guarani trio officiates a CBF training program-match played by referees; pictures

Ricardinho, Rondinelly and Diego Cardoso exchange roles with referees and assistant referees and go through a unique experience in Águas de Lindóia.

 15/04/2019 17h04  Updated 4 hours ago

Ever thought about a match played by referees and officiated by players? And, moreover, with former stars at the VAR booth? That is exactly what happened this Monday in Águas de Lindóia (190km from São Paulo City).

The exchange of roles wrapped up the 4th Video Assistant Referee Training Program for referees and assistant referees selected to officiate the 2019 ‘Brasileirão’ (Brazilian National Football Championship), which will feature VARs in every match. Referees put on players’ kits and then took to the pitch.

Meanwhile, whistle and flags were given to three Guarani players: Ricardinho, Rondinelly and Diego Cardoso. They took turns in each role: each one took on the role of referee for 30 minutes and assistant referee in the remaining 60 minutes.

Careca, Milton Cruz and Oscar took on the role of Video Assistant Referees — Photo Credit: Carlos Velardi / EPTV

The first one to joke about the whole ordeal, still in the dressing room, was attacking midfielder Rondinelly, while the refereeing trio was still getting instructions on how to officiate the match.

– I am very eager to hand out a red card. But all joking aside, this is a unique experience which will enable us to know what it is like on the other side.

The CBF refereeing program started on 18 March, featured three classes and brought together 96 refereeing professionals. The program was concluded this Monday, following the referee vs. assistant referee clash.

Diego Cardoso hands out a yellow card — Photo Credit: Leticia Martins/ GuaraniPress

– The whole idea of the event meets exactly what Rogério Caboclo talked about [during his introduction speech as the new CBF president]. It is the pursuit of mutual respect, players, technical staffs and referees. This exchange was interesting because the player is able to feel what it is like to be a football referee. And here at the VAR room, he is able to understand what a VAR is, support, duties, at which times you will intervene in the match. I see it as a unique and wonderful experience aimed at showing that football is not only about two teams facing each other – stated Ana Paula de Oliveira, a former assistant who is now CBF’s refereeing instructor.

In addition to the trio comprised of Guarani players, the VAR team also featured special guests: former Ponte Preta and São Paulo defender as well as the 1982 World Cup Brazil National Team captain Oscar, and former forward Careca, a 1978 Brazilian Champion while playing in Guarani and a former São Paulo and Brazil National Team player, were assisted by coach Milton Cruz in the Video Assistant Referee room.

– So you have protocols. I arrived at 9 a.m. and the staff explained them to me, but it was hard. You have the know all the rules and there is also the protocol, you are not allowed to decide, the referee decides. It is a highly rewarding experience, even when we watch the state finals, which are experiencing some delays in VAR reviews. However, this is encouraging, plays are being rectified. We need to speed it up, but there are a lot of things involved. You deal with straightforward plays, as well as plays with two or three cameras which are hard to come to a final decision – Careca explained.

After reviewing a play at the VAR review area, Rondinelly awards a penalty offence —  Photo Credit: Leticia Martins/ GuaraniPress

After the end of the match, at which time the referee team celebrated their victory against the assistant referee team and everyone received trophies and medals, “referee Ricardinho” talked about the experience.

– It was fun to be able to officiate the match, it was definitely cool. In my opinion, the hardest thing is being a linesman. Playing is easier than both of them. The experience was fun, but I think my experience as a referee ends today – Ricardinho joked.

See other event pictures below:

Ricardinho talks through the communications system — Photo Credit: Leticia Martins/ GuaraniPress

Event opening in Águas de Lindóia — Photo Credit: Leticia Martins/ GuaraniPress

Supervised by Ana Paula de Oliveira, VARs tried to assist the Guarani player trio — Photo Credit: Carlos Velardi / EPTV

Referees won the clash and were given trophies and medals — Photo Credit: Carlos Velardi / EPTV

Following the end of the event, refereeing professionals, CBF employees and Guarani players celebrated together —  Photo Credit: Carlos Velardi / EPTV



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